bottled glass

About Bottled Glass

Simple and unique.

Every maker's dream.

Bottled Glass started from a chance comment when Del was completing his degree. From a single flat 'fired' bottle while doing ceramics, it has developed to a stage where design and experience contribute to the creation of unique, contemporary glass vessels.

Each piece is functional, decorative and of a high quality.

Each piece is a 'one-off' produced by the processes of slumping and fusing used in its making.

Each piece has a strong visual impact.

Each piece is simple and unique.

All the bowls, dishes and sculptural pieces are made from bottles. The bottles are sourced from establishments which would otherwise have to pay for their recycling. The energy used is estimated to be one third needed to recycle the bottles.

The process is straight forward. The labels are removed from the bottles. They are cleaned and dried and arranged by hand in moulds. They are then fired .In the kiln the bottles undergo slumping, when the temperature causes the bottles to collapse and take up the shape of the mould. Fusing then occurs, when any touching surfaces join together. The kiln is then left to cool. The whole making process takes approximately twenty four hours.


Del Coombs - Designer Maker